Developer description

Flexina invoices is a cloud invoicing software. You create and manage your estimates, invoices, delivery orders,... for your customers and for your suppliers.
You can access to all the informations of your customers, suppliers or prospects.
Flexina allows you to edit your own items catalog with plenty of informations.
You send your documents by email in one click.

You access to clear listings with colors and status and all your informations you need. You can make a really fully research with a toolbar.

You can fast export all your documents. You access to a lot of statistics and to your turnover.

You customize easily your documents with your logo, your colors and your informations.
Your data's are customizable. You can invoice in unlimited languages, unlimited taxes and unlimited currencies.

You can work on Flexina with several users in the same time.
A lot of modules are available.
Flexina exists also for IOS and for Android.

Last updated 6 AoĆ» 2015

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