Developer description

If you like games that are so thrilling that you can’t even blink or you might just lose, you’ll love RedGlitch. It’s one of those arcade games that are sure to test your skills by challenging you to guide a spider through different roads.

From the very beginning of the game you’ll see how making your protagonist insect-friend advance won’t be easy at all. Although the controls are based on sliding the spider by moving your finger across the screen of your Android smartphone, making sure that it doesn’t crash against any obstacle could turn into an impossible mission if you’re not focused to the max.

The music and the modern aspect of the obstacles and the visuals make it increasingly difficult as you advance through the levels. That’s why it’s essential that you keep calm and anticipate the movements that some traps make if you don’t want to be destroyed prematurely.

There’s no doubt that RedGlitch is one of those games that’ll raise your heartbeat when you’re playing with your Android smartphone. Become the spider and try to get rid of all the spikes that are trying to get rid of you.

Last updated 18 Jul 2018

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